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Dried Long Neck Stinkhorn/ veiled lady (Phallus indusiatus)

Dried Long Neck Stinkhorn/ veiled lady (Phallus indusiatus)

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Phallus indusiatus

Standard pack 25g (approx 6-10 per pack)

The beautiful, rare and gourmet mushroom of your dreams.

Limited availability, a hard to find gem of the wild

Perfectly harvested and dried to retain shape and form

Please note- the dried mushroom retains the original odors

The bridal veil stinkhorn, or phalllus indusiatus, has many names. Most of them refer to its delicate, white netting, which looks like a net, veil, or petticoat and descends from the mushroom’s cap to the forest floor. But that’s the only dainty thing about this mushroom. It has a provocative shape (there’s a reason the whole genus is called phallus) and a powerful odor that attracts carrion flies—the type of flies that lay eggs in decomposing flesh. In other words, the bridal veil stinkhorn needs to smell like rotting meat to spreads its spores (via carrion flies) and reproduce.

The bridal veil stinkhorn is found in tropical environments around the world, from the Amazon to Southern China. It can grow up to 25 centimeters tall, and it consists of a brown cap, a hollow shaft, and its distinctive netting. It is one of the rare edible stinkhorns: Others, such as phallus impudicus, are edible only in the egg stage. Read the full article at: 

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