About Us

We supply goods from 3 sources. You will know the source of each product from the vendor details shown on each individual product page.


The Lincolnshire Mushroom Company

98% of items to purchase on our website come directly from us. These are items we grow/make ourselves on-site or are general items which are in-stock for immediate dispatch from us at our UK site here in Lincolnshire. Products marked with this vendor (us) are available for shipping EU and UK wide immediately as per our dispatch policy. Only our LMC brand items are available to purchase elsewhere; such as Amazon, google shopping or via Instagram/ Facebook channels. We hold a 5* hygiene rating and certificate supplied and approved by Boston Borough Council.

Partner Products

The inventory for these items are held elsewhere. It is impossible for us to stock certain items on-site due to size or cost of import. If we did so, we would have to pass these costs onto you. We do not want to do that! These items are shipped directly to you from our commercial partners. All commercial partners are based outside the UK. These items are clearly identified. The shipping time for these products can be 2-3 weeks. Returns for these products are though processed in the UK by us. Partner products are only available for purchase and delivery to the UK.

Friends Of LMC

These are products made by other companies and small businesses in the UK. The description will include the company details and links to their own sales outlets if present. They are in-stock and the inventory may or may not be held by us. The listing will say if the item will dispatch separately and give a timeframe. These items are only available for purchase and delivery to the UK via us. We cannot make everything we want to make on site here; so have partnered with other small businesses to promote a wide range of mushroom themed products. i.e. Grow Kits. You are most welcome to purchase directly with our friends though rather than us. We are just sharing the Mushie Love!