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Dried Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris)

Dried Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris)

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Food Grade, Suitable for re-hydrating, medicinal tea making, grinding for capsule making and eating. See size options available.

Records of Cordyceps fungi in China date from AD620, during the Tang Dynasty, and describe an organism with the ability to transform from animal to plant during summertime and then to change back to an animal for the winter. The former stage seems to be beased on observation (with fungi treated as plants, as they were until very recent times) but the idea of insects being reborn from these fungi is quite fanciful. (The Chinese name for Cordyceps sinensis, which is used extensively as a medicine in China, is Dong chong xia cao, which translates to English as 'winter worm, summer grass'.)

There are several hundred Cordyceps species worldwide. Some attack ants and other kinds of insects, while others parasitise certain kinds of fungi such as puffballs or false truffles. Of at least a dozen Cordyceps species recorded in the British Isles, Cordyceps Militaris, the Scarlet Caterpillarclub, is the most common. Read the full article at: 


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