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Dried Black Fungus (Tree Ear/Cloud Ear) Auricularia polytricha

Dried Black Fungus (Tree Ear/Cloud Ear) Auricularia polytricha

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Top Grade full sized, Pure, dried and natural

Food grade. Use for grinding, making tea, capsules and cooking 

Can be re-hydrated but will not return to the original colour of the fresh mushroom,

but will return to it's jelly like consistency.

Black fungus belongs to the Auricularia family and its scientific name is Auricularia polytricha. It is one of the 10 to 15 different species of mushrooms worldwide and is mainly found in China. Black fungus is also called "cloud ear fungus" or "tree ear fungus" because they look like shriveled ear lobes. These little mushrooms are often used in Asian stir-fry's and stews. But they're also hailed for their healing properties. Black fungus has been used by practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine since the 19th century, who relied on it for treating conditions like jaundice and sore throats. Read the full article about these mushrooms online at

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